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low-carb, high-protein, gluten-free, organic, no-sugar, no-yeast, dairy & grain free, vegetarian baked goodies here 🥖 🍩

Hello 👋 nice to see you here 😊

Please note that we have changed our shipping policy - we now dispatch on Monday and Tuesday as we have noticed that if we dispatch on/after Wednesday, there is a high chance of your goods spending the weekend at some hot, humid delivery hub. And we want to avoid that. We want your bread to arrive in crisp, fresh condition, just like it leaves our oven. We don't want it to grow mould and develop an unpleasant taste and sight  💙⁠

The good news is that you can generally have your order delivered the next day, very rarely the day after, if you are based in London within ~3 miles of our bakery, located at Nag's Head Market, N7 6AG.

You can also choose to pick up your order in the (late) afternoon of the following day after placing it. If you would like to do that, please choose option Pick Up at checkout to avoid paying for delivery and do not forget to turn up the next day to collect your goods at Keto Street 26/27 Nag's Head Market, N7 6AG (map at the bottom of the Home page).

all our low-carb baked goodies are freezer-friendly ❄️ ⁠

free shipping on orders over £35 🎁
*no code required, the shipping cost will be automatically removed from your basket at checkout

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